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Why choose Amstead as your Independent Insurance Agent?

Our agents are dedicated to providing the best rates and coverage possible. We are available to answer your questions and walk you through the process. 

Insurance Rates are HIGH.

With access to multiple carriers, Amstead has the ability to compare rates to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.  

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage we offer:

Car/Vehicle    |    Motorcycle    |     RV     |     ATV     |    Trailer    |    Golf Cart

Why should I carry more than the state minimum?

If you are in an auto accident that exceeds your current insurance limit, you will be held responsible for the excess amount. The party holding you liable will go after your assets first and if that does not cover it, they can even garnish your wages. Please call us to have a financial review to determine the most appropriate coverage for you. 

What are the consequences if I don’t have car insurance?
Operating a motor vehicle without insurance will result in fines, a suspended license, and the towing of your vehicle if you are caught on the road. The minimum auto insurance coverage is 15/30/25.

Louisiana is a "No Pay, No Play" state. This means we have an insurance law that disqualifies anyone who does not carry the minimum liability from receiving claim payments for bodily injuries and property damages in an automobile accident. If you do not carry liability insurance you will not be covered by anyone else’s insurance.

What do I need to provide for proof of insurance?
Your insurance company is required to issue you an auto insurance ID Card on each vehicle they insure. You must carry this in your vehicle at all times when the vehicle is driven and be able to give it to law enforcement when asked. Other states require the same and as you travel from state to state, your minimum limits of liability go up with each state requirement at no additional cost.

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